Helmut Berger, My Mother and Me (2019)

film Helmut Berger, My Mother and Me (2019) Lk21 full adalah film terkenal yang dibuat pada 2019-03-07 di negara ID dibintangi oleh beragam aktor dan artis ternama diantaranya adalah , , , , , , , , , sedangkan untuk sutradaranya film ini mengusung tema mengenai durasinya film ini berkisar antara 82 menit dengan kualitas tinggi anda bisa memilih untuk download 360p 480p bahkan sampai 720p dan 1080p

My mother googles the film hero of her youth: Helmut Berger. She is shocked: only an addicted shadow of the former icon seems to be left. She decides to halt the obvious catastrophic decline of the once “most handsome man in the world”. As a consequence, this one-time god of the screen is suddenly sitting on my mother’s sofa in Nordsehl in Lower Saxony. And he stays put – for several months. While he trustingly rolls out his whole life before us, the dividing lines between film team, world star and family intermingle. This is a film about ageing, rising and falling – and about the fact that it is sometimes possible to regain an element of dignity in life.

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